25 December 2012

What is Legal Procedure for Court Marriage in Pakistan?

Procedure of Court Marriage :
Girl having age more than 16 years can contract marriage in the court with her own free consent and without the will of her parents. Law gives her right.
For court marriage CNIC or other documents for the proof of her particulars are required. The girl has to show and execute her freewill and on the basis of her free will her marriage (Nikah) will be performed.
The minimum age for a Girl  to get married is 16 and for a boy  is 18 years. Age verification and identity of girl and boy is necessary & the same can be done by way of producing copies of “National Identity Card (CNIC)”, “Form B”, Passport, or Educational Certificates.

Note: To avoid complications first coordinate with your Parents, Friends and; Family to make arrangements of Marriage (Nikkah); if not possible then consult with Senior Lawyer(Advocate).

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